Hi There!


This is where I let my hair down!

Feeling comfortable with your photographer will make all the difference!  I hope by sharing more about me you can get an idea of whether we are a good fit. If you prefer pictures to words…scroll further down for some fun facts!

I’ve always been fascinated by the meaning of names, and love that my name is quite unique! The name “Tatum” is originally Anglo-Saxon and means “cheerful bringer of joy”.

Originally from South Africa, I now live in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. I moved here more than a decade ago (with a single 23kg suitcase in hand) with my videographer husband Mike. Since then our family has grown and we have the most adorable boy Elijah who is our IVF miracle and cockerpoo called Darcey  – who simply put is the center of our world.

I love good food and exploring different places and cultures. I love a good natter, spending time in nature and being pushed out of my comfort zone (I’ve even skydived!).

Growing up I hated my curly mane – now I absolutely embrace it! If you have curls, do yourself a favour and google ‘the curly girl method’!

I don’t have a heart-warming story of picking up my grandad’s camera at the age of 3 (you may have seen similar such stories on other websites!). I only discovered photography much later in life.

I gained a Bachelors degree in Science in 2004, which I probably only chose  due to having watched too many CSI episodes! Although I found my degree very interesting, I realised soon after it wasn’t for me.

After numerous traditional careers, I discovered photography in 2010 and the rest is history!

I  love connecting with people. Being part, and capturing that connection, is what drives me.  I get a front-row seat at one of the most intimate days of someone’s life while travelling the world, visiting amazing places, and making life-long friends every time I pick up my camera!

It’s an utter privilege and I feel extremely blessed to do what I do!

I'll be there for you

I'm a massive " Friends" fan! Re-runs in the background keep me company while editing most days. I'm pretty sure every situation in life can be brought back to a "Friends" moment!



The absolute love of my life is our litte miracle IVF boy Elijah who was born in 2022. He was 10 years in the making, after we suffered numerous pregnancy losses, including our daughter Ava who we sadly lost when I was 19 weeks pregnantin 2020. The other guy in this picture is my husband Mike, who works both as a Cardiac physiologist for the NHS and a wedding videographer!



Guilty! I'm one of those people who refer to their dog as their "fur baby" and talk to her as if she actually understands me. She pretty much gets away with murder...but just look at her!!

Driftbarn_north norfolk wedding photographer_tatum reid_elopement_outdoor wedding (33)


The single Instagram handle that can get me sucked in for hours! Since moving into an old 1960's home last year this has become my new favourite pastime as we tackle renovations (hopefully soon!)



My family, especially my parents, who still live in South-Africa are super important to me. My mum was a librarian for many many years, so I grew up a bit of a bookworm. I probably have more of my dad's personality traits which include being super determined and maybe also a little stubborn ;)



I love seeing new places, and learning about new cultures and their history! This picture was taken in Tanzania, while I was installing water harvesting systems in remote villages with my church in 2016.



Growing up in South Africa, food was a central part of how we socialize culturally. I love good quality food and nothing beats a proper fry up (and I know all the good local spots!).
I also have fond memories of having braai's (our version of a bbq using wood and smoke to flavour the meat while it cooks) while sitting around an open fire till late at night.



I've always wanted a tattoo...but being a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted it to be perfect - and so the years passed.

Eventually, on my 30th birthday, I decided life was too short. I had the words 'carpe momentum' or 'capture the moment' etched on my arm. When my grandad passed away a year later, I had a little heart tattooed on my ankle in remembrance.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller