All albums are ordered in addition to digital collections in either 12 x 8″ (landscape) or 10×10″ (square). I can appreciate a bespoke designed, high-quality album is not a priority for all my clients, but from personal experience, I have found images buried in subfolders on computers can easily get forgotten.

Printed on archival paper and using non-fade premium inks, these albums of quality and durability become more valuable as time passes. It’s not just ink on paper, it’s the memories you get to re-live and re-tell, one day possibly to your children and grandchildren.

Each album is unique and designed by me to your specifications, with the option to personalise it based on the number of images, size, cover materials and colours. I also offer mini-versions of albums which are the perfect handbag size, which parents love and make excellent gifts!

I stock two types of album paper: smooth cardboard with a slight sheen which gives it a very modern and contemporary feel, and a matt fine art paper with slight texture which is very current with a nod toward the film era, giving you the best of both worlds (my favourite option!). I recommend seeing both to decide which most suits your style.


Parent mini-albums (or brag books as I like to call them!) are miniature replicas of the main album. They are the perfect handbag size for parents or grandparents to show off your wedding day to others after the wedding!

Available in packs of two, they make ideal gifts, and can be purchased in addition to your main album. I also offer gift vouchers that can be presented on the wedding day.

When choosing your parent-mini albums, they will match the colour and material chosen for your main album.

They are presented in a black material drawstring bag and will be posted to you at the same time as the main album. You can hand it over to the lucky recipients immediately, or keep them hidden away till Christmas!

The 12 x 10″ main album comes with mini-replica albums in size 7 x 5″.

The 10 x 10″ main album comes with mini-replica albums in size 6 x 6″.


Presentation has always been very important to me. I love pretty things and want to provide a great service on the day, as well as giving you a beautiful end product to keep. As standard, all my wedding clients will receive a digital copy of their wedding photographs on a glass & gold engraved USB (that I fell in love with the moment I saw it and had to source from America!)  presented in a beautiful bespoke box.


I offer a wide range of additional products for both wedding and lifestyle clients that I am happy to talk to clients about. Examples of these products include, display frames, photo-books, mounted photographs and a glass presentation box filled with prints (my personal favourite!).