Boudoir Photography in aid of breast cancer awareness| Laura Hughes

I am passionate about breaking the mould and perceptions of what boudoir photography is.  It’s always sad to hear ladies say they can’t book a boudoir shoot because they need to lose weight, gain weight, have too many scars, are too old..the list goes on.  

I first got to know Laura through my work photographing weddings. She is a hairdresser and as we were both part of the wedding industry in Norfolk our paths crossed. It was with disbelief  last year, that I read via facebook, that Laura had been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25. Since then I have followed her story and brave battle (like so may others). I approached Laura to do a boudoir shoot shortly after she had her left breast removed. I had no idea how she would react, and if this was even something she would consider – but she jumped at the opportunity!

The process then started to find people willing to give their time and expertise to make this happen! After a few phone calls I was utterly overwhelmed by the response and generosity! Godwick Hall offered one of their boutique hotel rooms as a location, a local make-up artist (Lovemoi make-up) and florist (The Little Flower shop) also jumped on board alongside a lingerie company gifting some of their garments!

Laura told me it was a part of her life she wanted to capture, as she felt more confident and stronger as a person than ever before. She saw her scar as a badge of victory, and was proud to wear it! The purpose of this shoot was to celebrate the female body, showing it can be beautiful, sexy and feminine without being ”perfect”. It was also aimed at raising awareness of Breast cancer with October (the month we did the shoot in) being Cancer awareness month.

This shoot was part of a healing process for her, accepting her new body and her new scar. The point of the shoot was not to shy away or hide it, but celebrate and show how much stronger she has become. She feels she is now even more comfortable in her body admitting she would never have done a boudoir shoot a year ago…just showing self confidence does not come from the “perfect body” but an attitude and inner confidence! You can read more about her story here.

Laura’s story.

Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014, at the age of 25 years. She found the lump by accident while on holiday in Australia. After returning to the UK she made a doctor’s appointment, but they assumed, because of “ her age”, it would probably be nothing. Unfortunately after test they found she did in-fact have cancer. Laura had chemo and in August 2014 her left breast was removed. 

Laura has not let cancer beat her, she gives talks to raise awareness now and she’s sharing these photos to show young women you can be beautiful after surgery. She’s also using them to raise awareness of the work Cancer Research UK is doing to make sure people like her have a future. See more in this interview video about why we did this shoot and Laura’s work with Cancer Research UK.


What a stunning collection of photos. With an absolutely showstoppingly gorgeous model

Frances Addington

amazing photos Laura, you brave little love xx

What a beautiful lady, stunning photographs x

What great inspiration in life to other woman
Well done. Xxx

Laura these photos are stunning. You should be so proud of yourself. Beautiful xx

Carol Jacklin Hurn

Amazing, well done good luck in your future xx

Lovely x

Beautiful, stunning photos xx

Wow they are amazing, so beautiful Laura, I don’t care what people say you choose to deal with this situation in a way that feels right for you and it is so inspirational

Amazing photography…. Wow Laura xxx

Tracey Mamacita Love

Well done laura. Its important to keep raising awareness for all ages xx

Absolutely beautiful x

So young, so beautiful xxx

absolutely beautiful. xxx

Amazing pics! Laura is a very brave and beautiful young woman. She’ll go far.

Adri Shannon Ford

That is sooooo beautiful Tatum! Good for you Laura! Good for you!

Charlotte Stringer

So so so Beautiful xx

Tatum this is amazing!!! Laura is stunning! Makes your job easy.

Joanna Killingworth

Fantastic work Tatum. And what a wonderful success story! The flowers in the bath are superb!

Alexander Hamilton

Inspiring message captured with finesse!

Toni-Marie Hardingham

Wow stunning Laura!!! Xxx

A very brave, beautiful & inspirational young lady. Fab photos too Tatum :-) xx

These images are simply amazing Laura is an amazing and beautiful looking woman and you have captured the ‘beating of cancer’ elation in her face. My words do not do this justice – I don’t know Laura and have little dealing with your self but this is amazing

Jaimie Eugene Hood

Gorgeous pictures, you look beautiful.

Tatum these images are beautiful , Laura is a such an inspiration to us all…….you have captured her here in her loveliness

Stunning! sy is beautiful!

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