Intimate Pre-wedding Shoot on a Deserted Norfolk Beach

Confession time! I haven’t blogged in over 6 months (life just get’s so busy!) so I am going to be sharing some of my favourites with you from 2017. We’d been watching the weather for Kate and Paul’s pre-wedding shoot for weeks. They were using it as a trail run for their wedding photography, that would take place at Brasteds later in 2017.

I always encourage my brides to arrange their wedding make-up trial for the day of the pre-wedding shoot, or have make-up professionally done. This way you not only look glamorous, but get to test out the make-up and see how it appears on camera. Kate looked amazing with make-up done by Emily from Love Moi Make-up.

Photographing along the Norfolk coast is always a bit of a risk – you never know what you will be up against, but we got lucky….Winterton beach was deserted, and albeit cold the rain from the previous few days was no where in sight. Wrapped up warm, and very nervous (so they told me!) we headed for the beach. Couples being nervous is nothing strange to me; I always joke that I wish I had a penny for every time a client tells me this.

So with a few nervous giggles from Kate,  and with Paul’s re-assuring hand resting on her back, I started snapping. It didn’t take long at all before we were laughing at the disarray caused by the wind attacking our hair and the nerves melted away.  Looking at these pictures you would never guess that nerves were present (even if it only lasted a few minutes).  I love how they just seem content and fit so perfectly into each others.


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